The key activities of the Sir Peter Ustinov Institute include the following:

  • The institute hosts an annual Ustinov guest professorship supported by the City of Vienna at the University of Vienna; every year, a new topic relevant to the field of prejudice is at the center of a series of lectures. These lectures are publicly accessible and complemented by a seminar for students.
  • The institute organizes an annual, public, international academic conference which centers on topics focusing on prejudice. The results are then published in the form of conference proceedings.
  • On a regular basis, the institute arranges lectures and discussion events dealing with current events pertinent to the subject area of prejudice and invites renowned experts to address a variety of different topics within the field.
  • In collaboration with the local university of applied sciences, Campus Wien, the institute is in the process of developing a teaching aid for early childhood educators. This teaching aid is aimed at preventing the emergence of prejudice among children between 3 and 6 years of age and pointing out useful solutions for conveying tolerance, respect, and mutual trust in a sustainable way.