Kinder bei einem Schulprojekt

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Sir Peter Ustinov Institute,

the integration of immigrants and refugees poses one of the greatest challenges for the future of Europe.

By establishing a new project entitled “Diversity in Early Childhood Education. Learning Openness and Tolerance“, the Sir Peter Ustinov Institute aims to make a valuable contribution to successfully integrating migrant children into Austrian and European society.

By means of a teaching aid, our objective is to support early childhood educators in dealing with prejudice and to foster migrant childrens‘ personal and linguistic skills.

The project is advancing rapidly:

In the course of the first part of the project, renowned experts reported on diversity-related topics in the discipline of Early Childhood Education within the framework of the so-called FH Campus Lectures.

Based on these lectures, the second part of the project – the publisher’s edition of the teaching aid – originated.

Further parts of the multi-level teaching aid project are already in progress. You can keep track of the advancements on our website under the menu item “Current Issues“!