In a letter of intent signed by Sir Peter Ustinov, Mayor Dr. Michael Häupl and City Councilman Andreas Mailath-Pokorny on June 24th, 2003, it was agreed that the City of Vienna would provide the funds required for setting up the Institute.

Currently, funding provided by the City of Vienna covers the majority of expenditures for the guest professorship, academic conferences as well as the reimbursement of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights for essential organizational core activities (accounting, telecommunications, organization of General, Board, and Academic Advisory Council meetings, etc).

For additional projects, such as the handbook on prejudice, the provision of auxiliary means for teaching staff, and the publication of specialized literature, the Institute depends on funding provided by various sponsors. In this context we are greatly indebted to the Ustinov Foundations in Düsseldorf/Munich and Geneva, to the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, voestalpine AG and to a number of other institutions.

The Institute is obliged to exercise utter frugality. Conceptual and routinely tasks are performed by the members of the Board and of the Academic Advisory Council. All members of these bodies work on a voluntary basis.

In §4 the Statutes provide for “supporting membership” of physical and legal persons wishing to assist the Institute by means of a one-off payment or regular financial contributions. Supporting members have an advisory vote at General Meetings.