At the proposal and personal involvement of Sir Peter Ustinov himself, the institute was founded in Vienna as an association on August 11th, 2003. The founding of the institute was enabled by means of a “letter of intent“ mutually signed by Sir Peter, Mayor Dr. Häupl and City Councilman Dr. Mailath-Pokorny and ensuring core funding for the institute. In accordance with Sir Peter’s wish, the institute is expected to operate as an international competence center in conducting research on the emergence and development of strategies for combatting prejudice. For one thing, the institute’s objective is to alert vast parts of the public at large to the detrimental impacts of prejudice in general, which jeopardize peaceful cohabitation of human beings, states, and cultures. On the other hand, the Sir Peter Ustinov Institute aims to contribute to investigating the emergence of prejudice as well as to exploring the development of antagonizing strategies.